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Several of my articles on Garden City were plagiarized word for word by novelist MEKKAWI SAID (winner of the Egyptian State price for literature!!!!) and re-published under his own name in a three-part series in El-Masry El-Youm daily in September 2015.

Cheers to our "talented" literature prize awardee. Your pain his gain !!!


heliopolis palace hotel (colors)

back and front of Heliopolis Palace Hotel (today, Presidential Palace)

Helioplis 1913 advertisement
1913 advertisement

Heliopolis Palace Hotel

Heliopolis Palace Hotel

Prince Ibrahim Halim Saray
The Heliopolis residence for Prince Ibrahim Halim (grandson of Viceroy Mohammed Ali) and his German wife. When the Halims moved to Zamalek in the mid-30s their property was incorporated into the King Fouad Desert Institute inaugurated by King Farouk in 1950

Prince Ibrahim Halim with daughter Nimetallah
Suffering from severe shortsightedness Prince Ibrahim Halim seen here with his daughter Nimet-allah and his secretary standing in background

Baron's Mansion seen from Prince Ibrahim Halim Saray
Baron Empain's palace seen from the mansion of Prince Ibrahim Halim
above three photos courtesy of the Princess Nimetallah Ibrahim Halim collection with special thanks to her daughter Ms. Amina Radi

Desert Institute HQ in 1950
headquarters of the Desert Institue inaugurated by King Farouk in 1950

Heliopolis, Desert Institute
The King Fouad Desert Institute later to become headquarters of the Arab Unified Military Command


Heliopolis, Boghos Nubar Villa
Mansion of Egyptian-Armenian businessman-statesman-diplomat Boghos Nubar Pasha (1851-1930) an associate of Baron Empain and a friend of Sultan Hussein Kamel with whom he shared interests in agriculture development
Note architectural similarites with italianate villa below designed by Alexandre Marcel. Nubar was made pasha in February 1885 during the lifetime of his father Nubar Pasha several time chief minister of Egypt.

Heliopolis, villa prototype

Heliopolis, architectural folly

Heliopolis, Hippodrome Club House

Luna Park
Luna Park (courtesy Carlos in Spain)

Garden City section of Heliopolis
Garden City section of Heliopolis (courtesy Carlos in Spain)

Heliopolis, tramway line

Heliopolis, town center
downtown Heliopolis with Company offices above arcaded round floor. Airplane flying above during 1910 Air Show (four above photos courtesy Lewis Said)

Heliopolis, circa 1910
courtesy Raouf Razzouk in Australia

Heliopolis, circa 1910
courtesy Raouf Razzouk in Australia

Heliopolis, circa 1910
courtesy Raouf Razzouk in Australia

Heliopolis, main street

Heliopolis aerial view
Rare aerial view of part of Heliopolis showing Baron Empain's Hindu palace with Prince Ibrahim Halim's mansion and the Desert Institute situated diagonally behind it (to its left). Also seen is Villa Boghos Nubar surrounded by thick vegetation. In the fore several buildings including triangular palace of Sultan Hussein Kamel opposite Empain (across Avenue des Palais). Next to it Heliopolis Mosque. Two avenues running perpendicular from Hindu Palace: Avenue de la Basilique & Avenue Nubar

Baron Empain's tomb
Baron Edouard Empain's tomb in Basilique crypt Place de la Reine Elizabeth; below: plaque for Alexandre Marcel builder of the Basilique

plaque for Alexandre Marcel

Heliopolis Co. share

tramway Co. share

Heliopolis Obelisk

13th century B.C. Heliopolis Obelisk transported to Rome during reign of Emperor Caligula (A.D. 37-41) since 1586 centers Vatican City's St. Peters Square

Heliopolis map 1913
Map of Heliopolis, circa 1913

More photos of Heliopolis
More photos of Egypt courtesy of Max Karkegi

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